Statement from State Senator Gustavo Rivera Regarding Governor Cuomo's Remarks on the New York Health Act

Bronx, NY - As the main sponsor of the New York Health Act (S.4840) and the Ranking Member of the Health Committee in the New York State Senate, Senator Rivera released the following statement in response to Governor Cuomo's remarks on a single-payer health care system. 

"It is extremely encouraging to hear that Governor Cuomo is willing to consider a single payer system in New York State. Given the uncertainty facing our health care system at the federal level, we need to be prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure every New Yorker has access to quality health care and the Governor's support is an essential step in that process. While the biggest challenge to passing the New York Health Act is still in the Senate, I am elated that we have been able to make real progress this year by picking up the support of 9 additional Senators as official co-sponsors. I continue to be committed to working and fostering dialogue with my colleagues across the aisle to help push this measure through the legislative process and finally make health care a right and not a privilege in New York State."


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