Briana's Law: A Victory for the State of New York

Jesse Hamilton

August 28, 2017

Vindicating a 7-year effort to make communities across NY safer.

Briana Ojeda and her family have given the gift of life to New Yorkers who turn to help from police. Briana's Law ensures our police officers have the training to provide life-saving assistance in an emergency.

Thanks to my colleagues for seeing the wisdom of this measure, thanks to Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz for his leadership on this issue, and thanks to Carmen and Michael Ojeda, Briana’s parents, whose strength, advocacy, and sense of purpose has seen this measure through to legislative passage.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signing Briana’s Law yesterday vindicates a seven-year effort to make communities across New York safer, with police who are more capable of delivering aid in emergencies. This is a legacy truly worthy of Briana Ojeda’s memory.