Standing United Against Hate Crimes

Jesse Hamilton

October 16, 2018

Not in our neighborhood. Not in our City. Not in our State. As a community, we must stand united in speaking out against hate crimes. These attacks are an assault on decency and an assault on our values.

When an attacker aims to divide and isolate us from one another, then is the moment for more solidarity. Then it is even more important to speak out together, to unite and say everyone in our community deserves safe streets, dignity, and respect. We must stand with and support the victims of these crimes, to let them know: You are not alone.

The diversity of our City is a precious thing – a gift that we as New Yorkers receive from one another every day. That diversity requires us to stand together and speak out against hate.

Our streets should be safe for every member of our diverse community. I know that with our determined efforts – with our community standing in solidarity against hate – I know that we will triumph over hateful attacks and uphold our true, inclusive values.