TASK FORCE NEXT September 2018 E-News

Sen. Brian A. Benjamin's "Task Force Next" September 2018 E-News: WHAT'S NEXT?

Young adult political power is growing, yet we tend to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. We vote less than older demographics in presidential elections, and the gap is even greater in local and state elections. Despite the recent uptake in young adult activism and community service, we are still alienated from local government and civic engagement. State Senator Brian A. Benjamin is empowering a Young Adult Task Force of young professionals, activists, artists, students, and community leaders to close the gap.

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 Or for more information, contact Luther D. Isler, Community Coordinator, at   212.222.7315 or isler@nysenate.gov.

 Please share this "Task Force Next" E-News with any young adults you
 know; and together lets engage more of our community.


“Tackling our issues, Serving our neighbors,
Forcing change in our community.”



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