Senator Rivera on Federal Court Ruling Declaring the Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional

"Friday night's federal court ruling is further proof that Republicans will stop at nothing to dismantle President Obama's signature health care law, which could strip 23 million Americans of the health coverage they so desperately need. 

Legal scholars have already stated that the rationale behind this ruling is inherently flawed and would most likely be rejected by higher courts. However, as the incoming Chair of the New York State Senate's Health Committee, one thing is clear to me - we cannot stand idly by while federal authorities continue to attack the healthcare of millions of New Yorkers. We have a responsibility to defend them and, as the results of the midterm elections made abundantly clear, New Yorkers have demanded we do. 

That is why I am convinced that we need the New York Health Act more than ever. This bill seeks to provide better coverage for all and drastically reduce the financial burden that the current system places on families and individuals. I am committed to continue engaging with all key stakeholders and work towards making it a reality. New Yorkers deserve no less."