Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson is a native of the Bronx. She is a New York State Chaplain, the President of the Throggs Neck Resident Council (TNRC), a member of Community Board #10 and a Community Partner for the New York Police Department, where she mentors newly assigned officers.

Ms. Johnson dedicates her life to helping and supporting others. She acknowledged her call to activism in 1992 when she first became the President of the TNRC. She believes it takes a village to raise a child, and is committed to building up her community and tearing down every stronghold that plagues the people in her neighborhood. Ms. Johnson is committed to engaging communities and government in dialogue about how to create viable solutions for the problems that people living in public housing face. She is instrumental in integrating service, professionalism, and community activism into the mission and purpose of the TNRC.

Partnerships with elected officials, charity fundraisers, economic development training, social justice advocacy projects and community connection events are the hallmarks of Ms. Johnson’s tenure as president. She continues to find opportunities to empower and equip the TNRC through assisting faith-based institutions, community leaders and community members with strategies, plans and advisement. Ms. Johnson is a powerful voice in the community and willcontinue to blaze trails for the advancement of people living in public housing.

Ms. Johnson holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Psychology and Social Work. She is the mother of Jayquan Chambers, grandmother to McKenzie Chambers, an aunt, a great aunt and a child of the Most High King!