Briana's Law Day Commemoration

Jesse Hamilton

August 27, 2018

Briana Ojeda and her family have given the gift of life to New Yorkers. Briana's Law ensures our police officers have the training to provide life-saving assistance in an emergency. Thanks to the Ojeda family for your tireless advocacy for this law. As we celebrate this Briana's Law Day on the one-year anniversary of this law – let us not forget the seven years of advocacy by Briana’s mom and dad. Thanks to Carmen and Michael Ojeda, thanks to their strength, thanks to their advocacy, and thanks to their sense of purpose – we are marking Briana’s Law Day.

The Ojeda family have made communities across New York safer – lives have already been saved because of Briana’s Law. A few weeks ago in Jackson Heights, Queens, mom, Rebeca Alarcon ,frantically sought help from a police officer for her 20-month old child. Officer Osvaldo Nunez was able to perform CPR and save that child’s life.

More lives will be saved because of Briana’s Law. That is an incredible tribute to Briana. That is a legacy truly worthy of Briana's memory. I am honored to present a New York State Senate proclamation proclaiming today, August 27th, 2018, as “Briana’s Law Day in the State of New York.” Thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz, Councilman Stephen Levin, community advocates, and all who have contributed to this important milestone we mark today.