In Memory of Senator Jose R. Peralta

Senator Jose R. Peralta

December 6, 2018

Remembering the Life of Senator Jose R. Peralta
The Legacy of Senator Jose R. Peralta

Senator Jose R. Peralta made history by becoming the first Dominican-American elected to the New York Senate when he assumed office in District 13. He served from 2010 until his death in 2018.

Peralta's tenure was marked by a focus on immigration justice, support for working-class families, access to quality education for all children and advocacy for LGBT rights.

Peralta was most notable as his chamber's leading champion for undocumented young people whom he believed deserved equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream. He introduced the New York DREAM Act in 2013 and increased its support over the following years.

New York political history will remember Senator Peralta as a legislator of principled advocacy and genuine kindness. The Peralta family looks forward to watching his legacy live on through every civic-minded young person inspired to serve their community and fight for a more just America.

"The Senator's most notable achievement is the introduction of the New York Dream Act, which is expected to pass bearing his name in the next legislative session. This bill will help ensure the success of young immigrants eager to grasp the American Dream for themselves and give back to our diverse community in which the senator always believed."

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