Senator Rivera on the Firing of Former Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo

"Although terribly overdue, today Commissioner O'Neill made the correct decision to terminate now former Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo. With this action, the Garner family is at least getting a small measure of justice. Let us remember that the horrific murder of Eric Garner happened five years ago. While this is not a celebratory day by any means, this case has taught us hard lessons about the necessity of holding public servants accountable when they commit despicable crimes. This case has brought much shame to our city, our state and our nation. But it has also pushed elected representatives and everyday New Yorkers to demand we all work diligently to reform our criminal justice system so it is finally fair and just for all. It is no secret that while we have made strides, the road ahead is still long. Let our commitment never waiver. We owe the Garner family that much.”