Senator Rivera on Trump Administration's Recently Announced Changes to the 'Public Charge' Rule

"The final language to the 'Public Charge' Rule once again makes abundantly clear that the Trump administration will use every tool at their disposal to limit legal immigration, while continuing to incite hatred and violence against all new Americans pursuing a better life. These new changes will affect poor immigrant families by discouraging and preventing access to basic necessities and life-saving resources through public programs. Immigrant families across our country, and in our State, who have to rely on government benefits to cover their basic needs such as food, healthcare, and housing, will be forced to make the agonizing decision between ensuring their well-being and safety or pursuing a legal immigration status. This action further proves this administration's cruelty. They continue to wage war against undocumented people, while setting additional barriers for immigrants to adjust their status and obtain visas. It is evident that this administration is not interested in fixing our dysfunctional immigration system, it simply wants to harass and persecute poor people of color."