70 Year Old Vet Walks Across New York

Senator John Brooks

April 9, 2019

Sen Brooks, Sen Boyle and MOA Didi Barrett hosted a Skype session with Frank and students at Bay Shore HS. Providing an opportunity for students to learn about the experience of war from veterans is a valuable lesson. Many are now able to better relate to parents, grandparents, friends and siblings who have suffered from PTSD.
Walking with Frank

Frank Romeo is walking across the State of New York. He is 70 years old and one of the longest living veterans diagnosed with 100% post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related disabilities.  In learning to cope with his struggles, Frank has created very effective outreach programs to soldiers who suffer from PTSD and struggle with their everyday lives. “The Art of War” has touched thousands of lives and now Frank is walking 750 miles across the state to raise awareness.

I had the privilege of meeting with Frank yesterday as he walked through Albany, midway through his journey, and spent some time skyping with students across the state.  I also had the honor of introducing Frank on the Senate floor before he began the second half of his journey.

It is important to remember that the focus of Frank’s life’s work is the pain, confusion, and difficulties facing our veterans as they try to re-integrate into a post-combat life.  We honor them for their service but we need to remember them for their pain.  Heroes like Frank Romeo remind us of that.

Find out more about what Frank is doing at www.walkwithfrank.org