Kavanagh and 80 Colleagues Urge State to Continue Nutrition Outreach and Education Program

On June 18, 2020, Senator Kavanagh joined 80 colleagues in the State Legislature in voicing support for the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program, which connects families and individuals to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, commonly known as food stamps. The legislators highlighted the importance of the program during the COVID-19 pandemic, when more New Yorkers are going hungry, many for the first time. The text of the legislators' letter is below; the original may be viewed via the link above.


June 18, 2020

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
Executive Chamber
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We are writing in support of the Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP).  NOEP has served this state for more than 30 years, providing SNAP outreach and application assistance services to New Yorkers in need of food assistance.

NOEP provides significant return on the state’s investment.  The state invests $3,024,000 in NOEP, which draws down a dollar-for-dollar match of USDA SNAP outreach funds.  All SNAP benefits are federally funded, bringing billions of dollars into the hands of local communities hardest hit by the pandemic.  For every SNAP dollar spent at local grocers and farmers markets, it returns an estimated $1.50 in economic activity.  SNAP provides nine meals for every one meal provided by food banks and food pantries, and must be maximized in order to adequately meet the demand of so many in need.

Hunger Solutions New York manages NOEP, and needs a contract renewal to continue future operation of this critical program. The current contract expires on June 30, 2020, and as of yet, no award letter has been issued.  Already, Hunger Solutions New York has directed NOEP providers to cease services by June 30, 2020.  This represents 45 organizations across the state, with more than 68 people providing NOEP services that will be impacted.  The loss of these services will mean a great economic cost to these agencies.

This is of great concern to us and to the many organizations that serve New York’s hungry.  COVID-19 has devastated communities across New York State and it has also had a multiplying effect on New York’s budget deficit. We understand that you have been tirelessly working to secure support for the federal funding this state needs. This pandemic has presented us with difficult choices but providing for the immediate food needs of our residents must remain one of our top priorities.   

This is not the time to place NOEP in peril. With more New Yorkers going hungry, many for the first time, it is critical that NOEP continue to connect New Yorkers to federally funded SNAP benefits.  We urge a quick resolution to these concerns.


Andrew D. Hevesi, 28th AD                                   
Chair, NYS Assembly Committee on Social Services         

Roxanne J. Persaud, 19th SD
Chair, NYS Senate Committee on Social Services

Thomas Abinanti, 92nd AD                                    
Joseph Addabbo, Jr., 15th SD
Jeffrion L. Aubry, 35th AD                                     
George A. Amedore, Jr., 46th SD
Brian Barnwell, 30th AD                                         
Alessandra Biaggi, 34th SD
Charles Barron, 60th AD                                        
George Borrello, 57th SD
Harry Bronson, 138th AD                                       
Phil Boyle, 4th SD
Kevin A. Cahill, 103rd AD                                       
Neil D. Breslin, 44th SD
Steven Cymbrowitz, 45th AD                                 
John E. Brooks, 8th SD
Catalina Cruz, 39th AD                                           
David Carlucci, 38th SD
Maritza Davila, 53rd AD                                         
Leroy Comrie, 14th SD
Inez E. Dickens, 70th AD                                        
Simcha Felder, 17th SD
Anthony D'Urso, 16th AD                                       
James Gaughran, 5th SD
Simcha Eichenstein, 48th AD                                
Peter Harckham, 40th SD
Steve Englebright, 2nd AD                                      
Brad Hoylman, 27th SD
Patricia Fahy, 109th AD                                          
Chris Jacobs, 60th SD
Nathalia Fernandez, 80th AD                               
Todd Kaminsky, 9th SD
Mathylde Frontus, 46th AD                                    
Anna M. Kaplan, 7th SD
Pamela J. Hunter, 128th AD                                  
Brian Kavanagh, 26th SD
Ellen Jaffee, 97th AD                                               
Liz Krueger, 28th SD
Kimberly Jean-Pierre, 11th AD                              
Betty Little, 45th SD
Latoya Joyner, 77th AD                                           
John C. Liu, 11th SD
Joseph R. Lentol, 50th AD                                      
Monica R. Martinez, 3rd SD
Donna Lupardo, 123rd AD                                      
Rachel May, 53rd SD
John T. McDonald III, 108th AD                           
Shelley B. Mayer, 37th SD
David G. McDonough, 14th AD                              
Jen Metzger, 42nd SD
Karen McMahon, 146th AD                                    
Velmanette Montgomery, 25th SD
William B. Magnarelli, 129th AD                           
Zellnor Y. Myrie, 20th SD
Michael G. Miller, 38th AD                                    
Thomas F. O'Mara, 58th SD
Walter T. Mosley, 57th AD                                      
Jessica Ramos, 13th SD
Daniel J. O'Donnell, 69th AD                                 
Gustavo Rivera, 33rd, SD
Félix W. Ortiz, Asst. Speaker, 51st AD                  
Julia C. Salazar, 18th SD
Philip Palmesano, 132nd AD                                 
James Sanders, 10th SD
Stacey Pheffer Amato, 23rd AD                             
Diane J. Savino, 23rd SD
Dan Quart, 73rd AD                                                 
Luis Sepúlveda, 32nd SD
Linda B. Rosenthal, 67th AD                                  
Toby Ann Stavisky, 16th SD
Rebecca A. Seawright, 76th AD                              
Jim Tedisco, 49th SD
Jo Ann Simon, 52nd AD
Aravella Simotas, 36th AD
Michaelle C. Solages, 22nd AD

Steve Stern, 10th AD
Al Stirpe, 127th AD
Chris Tague, 102nd AD
Fred W. Thiele, Jr., 1st AD
David I. Weprin, 24th AD