Kavanagh Appears on PBS Affiliate WCNY on 'Connect NY' Regarding Public Housing Issues

Brian Kavanagh during interview.

Senator Kavanagh joined other housing experts to discuss public housing in Syracuse. To watch the interview, follow this link: http://www.wcny.org/connect-ny/ 

“Last year at the State level, we took a series of steps that were mostly focused on the private market to ensure that tenants have rights to a stable, affordable place to live, and it should be noted that we are talking about public housing today, but the private market has not done a particularly good job of housing lower income people as well, and there is a fundamental mismatch between people at this current moment in our economy who can earn limited amounts of money being able to pay the cost, the true cost, of housing families in decent conditions… The state and the federal government, as well as localities, to the extent that they have local resources, ought to be putting in capital subsidies to get these buildings into decent shape and we should be doing everything we can to ensure that everybody has access to a decent place to live.”  -- Senator Brian Kavanagh