Senator Rivera on Historic Supreme Court Decision on DACA

"This morning's Supreme Court decision in favor of our DREAMers is a tremendous victory for more than 700,000 young Americans and their allies who have been fighting relentlessly for this moment. After many months of fear and distress, this decision will allow DREAMers to continue living and working in their country without fear of deportation. This decision solely reaffirms what we know to be true -- DREAMers belong here and this country is their home.

We celebrate this decision in spite of sinister efforts by the Trump administration to rewrite history and try to force Americans to live in the shadows. These disgraceful efforts have only emboldened our immigrant communities and empowered us all to defend their right to stay in a country they profoundly love, even when it is not always reciprocated.

As we celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month in New York State, I hope that this critical step is a catalyst for a real and long-overdue discussion at the federal level to reform our broken immigration system. Our country must be as bold as all those advocates who fought for this for so long in New York State and beyond."