Senator Rivera on Last Night's Incidents in The Bronx

"The last two days have been extremely difficult for our City, especially for The Bronx. This morning as I walked around parts of my district, I witnessed with much sorrow, and frankly disbelief, the utter destruction that many constituents and businesses across Fordham Road, the Grand Concourse, and especially Burnside Avenue were subjected to yesterday night.

The curfew instituted by the Mayor and the Governor further inflamed tensions and the massive deployment of officers to protest areas decreased their presence where they were truly needed. While the destruction of our communities only hurts our ability to prosper, we cannot lose focus that the larger battle is to fundamentally change how our police department operates and transform how we keep our communities safe.

Our fight for justice must place accountability front and center. We must bring to justice the countless officers who have violated their oath to protect and serve our communities and have perpetrated violence for generations. We also must hold accountable those individuals who partake in theft or destruction of our locally-owned Bronx businesses and communities. I am asking my neighbors to continue fighting for justice while keeping each other safe. Ending violence and building a stronger Bronx must be our guiding principles as we move forward."