Senator Rivera on Police Activity in our City

"The horror of witnessing the murder of George Floyd is a pain the Bronx knows too well. The perpetual injustice that black Americans experience at the hands of law enforcement has not been addressed for far too long. I feel your agony, indignation, and despair. My heart breaks thinking of the many families who have lost innocent loved ones. We see each others' pain in the streets of our city and across the country. The outpouring of rage and grief is a collective cry against this dehumanization and terror. The need for change is overdue.

As I see my neighborhood and district in distress, overtaken by law enforcement in riot gear, I stand firm for the change we deserve. We must hold officers accountable for brutality and violence. We need real investments in communities of color, not over policing and criminalization. Our fight for justice will not end tonight. As we rise up, we face a long road ahead. I humbly ask you to walk the path peacefully and help make our community safer. I demand that the NYPD demonstrate restraint and stop militarizing our streets and neighborhoods. The world is watching."

If you need to file a complaint regarding the NYPD, contact the Civilian Complaint Review Board: or call 1-800-341-2272.

If you are arrested or in need of free legal services regarding an interaction with the NYPD, consult with the Bronx Defenders 24/7 Legal Emergency Hotline: 347-778-1266.