Statement from NYS Legislative Commission on Rural Resources Co-chairs Senator Rachel May and Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara on Support for the United States Postal Service

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“The United States Postal Service has been in continuous operation since 1775. It is one of our nation’s proudest legacies, and it has never been more important. Postal deliveries of food, prescriptions, business documents, and more have sustained New Yorkers in every part of the state during this crisis. In our rural communities, many of which lack reliable access to vital services like newspapers and high-speed internet, postal service can be a lifeline in the best of times, and it is even more so now. With an election coming up in June in which most if not all New Yorkers are likely to vote remotely, our democracy also depends on a comprehensive, affordable US mail service to deliver absentee ballots.

And yet, the financial future of the postal service is under threat. Many crucial bulk mail clients have stopped their orders during the pandemic. We call on Congress to provide emergency funding for the Post Office. We cannot allow mail delivery to be privatized, resulting in decreased service and increased costs for rural communities. Dismantling this extraordinary nationwide service would spell the end of home delivery for tens of millions of rural and low-income Americans. It would also take away good jobs from nearly 44,000 New Yorkers, many of them in rural areas. These dedicated essential workers are risking their safety every day to keep us connected. The nation should have their backs at this critical time.”