Community Update: E-LEARN Act, Living Room Spread, Remembering Pat Quinn

community & reopening 12-3-2020

Dear Friends:

As we enter the winter months and the next wave of COVID emerges, I am rededicated to doing all we can to contain the spread and reduce the number of positive cases in my district. Each day, my governmental colleagues and I communicate to monitor the number of COVID-19 cases and discuss strategies for helping slow the spread of the virus. Sadly, New York's contact tracing data shows that 70% of new coronavirus cases occur at small gatherings at private residences, or what's being called the "living room spread."

I know how difficult it is to not see friends and family in person - I miss my family greatly! After many months of being cautious, wearing masks, and observing social distancing, all we want is to see our loved ones for the holidays. But I urge you to do what's right, keep your family and friends safe, and do what you can to limit your gatherings with those outside of your home.

The pandemic is tough on every one of us on an emotional level, and I hope you're finding ways to take care of yourself. Whether it is a daily walk or a morning stretch, I encourage you to take at least a few minutes each day to step away from our challenges. The NYS Office of Mental Health has posted on its website COVID-19 Resources to help New Yorkers manage during this difficult time. What are some of your favorite ways to manage anxiety and deal with the loneliness of the pandemic? I’ve renewed my efforts to exercise and read more, but please email me your ideas, and I'll share them in the next e-newsletter.

Over the past two weeks, I announced legislation to provide free broadband to every student and school in the state; attended a memorial Mass for my dear friend Pat Quinn, co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness & funds for A.L.S.; honored a Bee-Line bus driver and TWU member for saving an infant; recognized Mamaronecks' Hampshire Country Club with the NYS Senate Empire Award; and attended the North Castle Tree Lighting Ceremony. Read more about these here. 

Kind regards, 

Shelley B. Mayer