Lawmakers Warn Senate Democrats Are Considering Last-Minute Push to Further Weaken Public Protection Laws

Palumbo At CJR presser
Bills Would Have Those Convicted of Murder To Be Considered for Release by Parole Board

The Long Island GOP Senate Delegation was joined by New York State Assembly Members and Criminal Justice Reform Victims Advocates in Riverhead this morning to warn the public that with just one week left before the close of New York State’s 2021 Legislative Session, State Senate Democrats may try to push through last-minute radical bills that would further weaken the State’s criminal justice laws. Among the bills being considered are S6615 (Parker), which would establish new criminal penalties for law enforcement, S1415 (Rivera) and S15A (Hoylman), which would both allow the State Parole Board to consider the early release of criminals, including those convicted of murder, and S1553A (Myrie), relating to the expungement of certain convictions.

These bills follow State Senate Democrats’ 2019 approval of the State’s bail reform laws, and recent moves from the State Parole Board to grant the release of Herman Bell and Anthony Bottom, who were in prison for brutally murdering two New York City police officers.

“We have clearly seen the devastating effects of bail reform on our public safety. When is enough finally enough?! Albany’s radical Far-Left Democrats care more about the well-being of violent criminals than innocent New Yorkers, who are, every day, facing the harsh realities of our already-weakened criminal justice laws,” stated Senator Phil Boyle, the Dean of the LI GOP Senate Delegation.

“Cashless bail has resulted in an explosion in crime, repeat offenses and has, without a doubt, made New York State a more dangerous place to live,” stated Senator Anthony Palumbo. “Now, in the final days of the 2021 Legislative Session, New York’s progressive lawmakers are pushing new proposals that will result in early release and expungement of records for violent criminals. These policies, combined with the strong anti-police sentiment in Albany, will make the job of law enforcement untenable and even more dangerous, while worsening the safety and security of all New Yorkers.”

“With four days left in the Legislative Session, anything is possible with Senate Democrats in charge,” stated Senator Alexis Weik. “The bills they have introduced are anti-law enforcement and anti-victim, and continue on the pro-criminal agenda they have advanced over the past three years. I proudly stand with victims advocates in opposing these measures and fighting to ensure they never see the light of day.”

“These anti-police, pro-criminal policies will endanger our communities and they are simply unacceptable. From releasing criminals regardless of their crimes to taking the tools from our police men and women, the Senate Democrats continue to work on behalf of those who disregard our laws. That is why we will continue to stand up for our families until sanity prevails,” stated Senator Mario Mattera

“Our New York State elected representatives have once again forsaken the very basic difference between right and wrong. This proposed legislation is not only another slap in the face to victims but is flat out dangerous. It circumvents the entire judicial process and ignores the sentencing decisions of experts like judges and prosecutors and handcuffs the parole board. We have already seen what their blanket releases accomplish through Bail Reform and Raise the Age and it only emboldens violent criminals. The last thing we need are more blanket release mandates that will give an already sympathetic parole board no choice but to release even the most violent convicted murderers, even those that have raped and murdered children. They would have to release the Son of Sam even! It doesn’t get worse than these so called “parole justice” initiatives folks,” stated Jennifer Harrison of Victims Rights NY.