Palumbo: Senate Majority Buckles; Passes Bill Extending Cuomo’s Emergency Power

State Capitol

            Senator Anthony Palumbo (R,C-New Suffolk) today voted against legislation touted by Senate and Assembly Democrats as an emergency powers repeal bill. Senator Palumbo voted against the legislation because instead of rescinding the Governor’s emergency powers, the bill actually EXTENDS them past the original April 30th sunset provision in the Emergency Powers bill passed last year. 

            “The “revocation” clause highlighted in this bill does nothing to restore the Legislature as a co-equal branch of state government, nor does it rein in the scandal clad Governor’s emergency powers,” said Senator Anthony Palumbo. “This legislation is merely intended to provide cover for the Legislative Majorities while granting Governor Cuomo total control of State government for the foreseeable future.”

            Senator Palumbo noted that instead of removing his expanded powers, Senate Democrats removed the sunset date, essentially extending the Governor’s total control indefinitely and at the worst possible time.

            “This bill sends the message that the leadership in the Senate Democratic Conference is ok with extending complete control of the government to a Governor who is embroiled in two major controversies and is under investigation by federal and state officials,” said Senator Anthony Palumbo. “Even as members of their own party are calling for the Governor’s resignation, the Legislative Leaders continue to block any real attempt to rescind the Governor’s Emergency Powers.”

            Senator Palumbo noted that Governor Cuomo is the subject of a federal investigation for covering up 15,000 nursing home deaths. He is also facing two credible, detailed allegations of sexual harassment. The corroborating evidence of these accusations has resulted in the Attorney General’s Office conducting an independent investigation into these serious claims.

            “These scandals undermine the Governor’s ability to conduct his official duties and have irreparably damaged the public’s trust in the State’s top executive,” said Senator Palumbo.  “The Governor should not be entrusted with expanded emergency powers and it’s long past time for the Legislature to revoke them.”

             “Throughout my legislative career, I cannot think of a worse example of the legislature ignoring the needs of New Yorkers more than on this occasion. Today’s vote was a total abdication of the Legislature’s duties and a complete disaster for pandemic weary New Yorkers,” concluded Senator Palumbo.