Senator Palumbo: Restore Common Sense and Public Safety

April 01, 2021

Law Enforcement
Pro-Criminal, Anti-Police Policies Put All New Yorkers at Risk

            Senator Anthony Palumbo (R,C-New Suffolk), along with members of the Senate Republican Conference, today called for an end to dangerous and extreme pro-criminal, anti-police policies and rhetoric being driven as a result of One-Party rule in Albany. 

               Senators pointed to recent examples -- including the brutal attack in broad daylight of an Asian-American woman by a paroled, convicted murderer in Manhattan, and the appointment of Richard Rivera, a convicted cop killer, to sit on one of Governor Cuomo’s so-called “police reform” boards in Ithaca -- as the latest in a string of disturbing incidents that show an urgent need to stand up for our law enforcement officials to restore common sense and public safety in communities throughout New York State.

            “To callously appoint a man who was convicted of murdering a police officer, execution style during the course of a burglary is disgusting. The Mayor who appointed Richard Rivera is outrageously suggesting that he is some kind of victim—when the only real victims are the family of Officer Walsh,” said Senator Anthony Palumbo. “This is a direct result of these purposefully crafted anti-police laws, which have dramatically increased all crimes, including hate crimes in New York. I am horrified at the direction this state is moving in and the Progressive movement’s growing disdain for our men and women in uniform.”    

            “One-Party rule in Albany has led to a lot of bad policy -- but one of the most dangerous consequences has been the pro-criminal, anti-police rhetoric that currently permeates through state government. From the disastrous bail and discovery reform laws, radical appointments to the Governor’s parole board, and the appointment of a convicted cop killer to a police reform commission, the Governor and Democrat Majorities in the Legislature continue to put every New Yorker at risk. We cannot continue to go down this course -- it’s time to restore common sense for the safety and security of all New Yorkers,” said Senate Republican Leader Ortt. 

            “Allowing a cop killer to have the authority to provide public safety policy advice and to “reimagine” our police department is UNIMAGINABLE. Rivera killed a decorated NYPD police officer in cold blood and now NY democrats have appointed him as an “expert” to help undermine our police departments and our safety. What will they do next: appoint convicted pedophiles as kindergarten teachers?! This is unconscionable,” said Deputy Republican Leader Andrew Lanza. 

            “We have been and we will always keep looking out for our police officers and their families.  They have been abandoned in Ithaca and across the state, and it needs to stop now. The appointment of a paroled cop-killer to a police reform board went too far. It was disrespectful, insulting, and an affront to all law enforcement officers risking their lives every single day to protect public safety in our communities,” said Senator Tom O’Mara.

            “Every day, under the current downstate Democrat Leadership in Albany, families across this state are waking up to what appears to be a New York nightmare. We’ve seen violent crime after violent crime committed by individuals released under the disastrous bail reform pushed through by the Governor, Senate, and Assembly. We’ve seen murderer after murderer, cop-killer after cop-killer granted parole and released into our communities by Governor Cuomo’s personally appointed Parole Board. These reckless and dangerous policies produced, promoted, and perpetuated by Albany leadership have turned the justice system upside down and threatened New Yorkers’ public safety. While violent crime has doubled in New York City, only in New York would our leaders double down on the same policies that have turned our justice system into a revolving door of violence and crime. Only in New York would a convicted murderer, a cop-killer, be appointed to Ithaca’s commission to reform the police. We need reform, but it needs to be from the top down. We cannot continue to double down on the same failed policies that all end in more violence and suffering for New York families. We cannot continue to put criminals and murderers before the safety of law-abiding citizens and their families,” said Senator Fred Akshar. 

          “One-Party control in Albany has led to laws that have immediately released violent criminals, the repeal of 50-a, and an overall disdain for the men and women of law enforcement. In light of the rising violence we see day in and day out on the news, particularly recent acts of violence against the Asian American community, we must shift course to a focus on restoring safety and accountability to the policies coming out of Albany,” said Senator Alexis Weik.