Local Roads Matter.

Sen. Daphne Jordan

March 02, 2021

Invest in our roads!

Local roads matter. It’s that simple.

In this year’s budget, the Governor and downstate Democrats shortchange funding for our local roads, bridges and infrastructure in favor of funneling money to the failing MTA and New York City transportation.

There must be equity in transportation and infrastructure funding. Our dedicated men and women who work on maintaining our roads deserve the funding they need to fix potholes, install sidewalks and make the improvements we need to live in vibrant communities.

The Senate Republican Conference has consistently fought for and delivered equal funding statewide for local roads and bridges. As we move toward passing a state budget, we will continue this fight.

Every region, every neighborhood deserves an equal opportunity to thrive. Ensuring an equal share of transportation and infrastructure funding is the first step toward accomplishing that.