Protecting Our Families and Supporting Law Enforcement

Sen. Daphne Jordan

February 10, 2021

Supporting our law enforcement

The past two years of one-party control of government has been a huge blow to public safety. The Governor’s Public Protection plan in this year’s budget continues that disturbing trend. 

Under the umbrella of “cost-savings,” 800 corrections officers will be laid off and 1,300-1,800 cell beds will be removed. He is also seeking to shorten the amount of time these facilities and their hardworking staff will receive before notice of closure.

The Governor is also continuing his out-of-touch strong-arm tactics and anti-police agenda by looking to install a monitor in police departments to tell police how to go about keeping communities safe.

We’ve seen a dangerous rise in violent crime due to the Governor and state Democrats’ so-called bail and police reforms. The Governor is continuing to put innocent lives in danger by not including a repeal of bail reform in this year’s budget. Instead, the actions he’s outlining in this year’s agenda will only make our communities less safe and put more dangerous criminals back on the street.

I remain committed to protecting our families and supporting law enforcement. As the budget process proceeds, I will continue to fight for common sense public safety measures.