Statement from NYS Senator Daphne Jordan on Governor Cuomo's Disaster Emergency

News from New York State Senator Daphne Jordan

Cuomo declaired a "disaster emergency on gun violence," while ignoring his and fellow democrats' reckless and radical criminal agenda that's led to this deadly rise in violent crime. Whether it's releasing violent offenders via the revolving door of the so-called bail "reform," or via the overly permissive State Parole Board, or by misguided calls to defund the police, Cuomo and the Democrats have stripped public safety from New Yorkers.

Cuomo's STILL throwing out more Executive orders and signing bills that will further restrict law-abiding citizens and an industry-protected by the Constitution. Yet, he allows dangerous criminals to continue running wild and violent in our streets.

We need to restore law and order, respect for our courageous police, and put a focus on reining in criminals to stop the extreme rise in violence.