Senator Rivera on the Guilty Verdict in the Trial of Derek Chauvin

State Senator Gustavo Rivera released the following statement in response to the announcement of the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin:

“George Floyd was unjustly murdered by Derek Chauvin. I commend the decision taken by the jury in declaring him guilty on all three counts for violently taking Mr. Floyd’s life. While this decision will not bring Mr. Floyd back to life, I hope that his family and loved ones find some solace after a traumatic year. 

We deserve more than accountability from police officers who flagrantly inflict unnecessary violence on the people they are supposed to protect and serve. We are still grieving for George Floyd a year after his death and lives lost to police violence in the last week alone, like Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo. Now more than ever, it is our responsibility as leaders to continue working to change a system that is not only failing, but killing Black communities. 

Today’s verdict is not full justice, but it is accountability. 

A good start that we had to fight for and need to continue to build on.

Rest in Power, George Floyd.”