Senator Rivera on Yesterday's Mass Shooting in Atlanta that Killed Eight People, the Majority of them Asian American Women

"First, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the 8 people, 6 of them Asian American women, who were murdered yesterday night in the Atlanta-area. However, as in the aftermath of every single one of these mass shootings, “thoughts and prayers” do not prevent us from being in a constant state of fear wondering when and where the next tragedy will occur. 

This is a very sobering reminder that white nationalist domestic terrorism is one of the most insidious dangers facing our country. Bolstered by the anti-Asian hate, racism, and bigotry spewed by the previous administration and his allies since the beginning of the pandemic, individuals such as the one who committed these abhorrent crimes, will continue to feel emboldened by those who incite race-based violence. It is our responsibility to come together as a nation and summarily reject their rhetoric and actions. 

I stand firmly in my support of our Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders communities who are experiencing an incredibly difficult time given the most recent wave of attacks.

You are all loved. You are all valued. And we stand with you."