State Senator Gustavo Rivera on the Resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo

"After months of political turmoil, Governor Cuomo's resignation will allow our Executive Branch to properly function amidst a number of compounding crises that New Yorkers are facing, a worrying resurgence of COVID-19 due to the Delta variant among them. It was the right thing for the Governor to resign, but it is inexcusable that he and his legal team continued to attempt to undermine corroborated stories of harassment and abuse included in the Attorney General’s report." 

"The Governor’s incessant denials of his despicable behavior revealed his lack of morality and accountability. His attempts to preserve his reputation by discrediting the women who shared their excruciating stories were a shameful use of his office and demeaning to our state." 

"The Governor must be held accountable for perpetuating sexual harassment and fostering a toxic work environment and I am committed to making it so. I hope my colleagues will join me."

"Let us remember, there are investigations by the Southern District of the US Attorney’s office into the administration’s actions surrounding an undercount of deaths in New York’s nursing homes and by the Assembly Judiciary Committee into the sexual harassment accusations as well as the misuse of state resources to write and publish his ridiculous book. Andrew Cuomo should also be held responsible for these egregious actions despite leaving the office of the Governor." 

"I wish Kathy Hochul success as she prepares to be the first woman to serve as Governor of the State of New York and want her to know she has my full support in this endeavor. We have too much work to do. She faces many challenges that were neglected by Governor Cuomo while he focused on his political survival. We must unite as a state to support her unprecedented transition and ensure that accountability and honest service to New Yorkers remain at the center of our joint efforts."