The Digital Divide in Southeast Queens

Pic of Senator Sanders
Cornell AAP report on the Digital Divide in Southeast Queens

My office recently collaborated with the Cornell University school of Architecture, Art, and Planning to do a deep dive into critical issues facing Southeast Queens. We have explored everything, from economic development and health care, to food insecurity and job creation. One vital issue we discussed was the digital divide. As education, medicine, and social services move offline, we need to ensure we are able to connect with those that may have accessibility challenges. 

This attached report, on the Digital Divide, is a substantive and timely look into the challenges facing many of my constituents. The disparities cited in this report, from access to usgae, are things we cannot ignore. I am pleased to share this report with my colleagues and constituents and I look forward to continued work to resolve these issues.

Please click the .pdf link above in order to download the report.