Senator Rachel May's Statement on Vaccine Rollout in New York State

Senator May Speaking on Senate Floor

My office is hearing every day from people who are frustrated and angry about the difficulty of getting vaccinated for COVID-19. Some can’t get an appointment for months. Others show up for appointments only to find the vaccine has run out at that site. Phone lines are busy, computer systems are overloaded, and the application process can be confusing. Please know that we hear you and share your frustration.

To date, more than 750,000 doses of the vaccines have been administered to New Yorkers. The Department of Health has worked to ensure that doses are distributed fairly and equitably across the state, with priority for those most vulnerable to the virus. I appreciate that they are trying to do their best and their efforts have been hampered by the current federal administration’s willful bungling at every step of the process. Still, I know the state can and must do better. I have joined with my colleagues to request that the Cuomo Administration streamline the process, get as many doses out in the near term as possible and continue to prioritize people over 75 and front line workers. We should all be encouraged to know that President-elect Biden has made vaccine delivery his top priority, so help should be on the way.