Community Update: NYS Budget Summary

Community Update 4-11-2021

Dear Friends,

Another budget season in Albany is coming to a close. On Wednesday, April 8th, my Senate colleagues and I completed debate and voting on the 2021-22 New York State budget. The Assembly followed suit, and we are now awaiting the Governor’s signature on what is, without a doubt, an historic budget which will have tremendous benefits for the people of New York. 

As the Chair of the Senate Education Committee, I am first and foremost incredibly proud of what we have achieved for public education, and I know it will make a positive difference in the lives of our children. Despite the on-going challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this excellent budget also makes essential investments to build our economy back stronger and to protect middle class taxpayers, help small businesses recover, protect our environment, provide an ongoing source of revenue to meet our obligation to fully fund our schools, and assist those of our most vulnerable neighbors who received no help whatsoever during this terrible period.

This is a budget that puts people at its center, and takes its role as a moral document seriously. As a public servant, I am grateful for that and will continue to work hard to make sure that the people of New York, and especially the people of the 37th District, are well served by this budget and all our actions.  

As always, if there is anything my office can assist you with, please don't hesitate to email me at or call (914) 934-5250.

Warm regards,

Shelley B. Mayer
State Senator
37th District

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