Palumbo: State Budget Fails to Address New York’s Crime Epidemic

chris stazio

April 9, 2022

Repeal Bail Reform
Repeal Bail Reform

            Senator Anthony Palumbo (R,C-New Suffolk), ranking member on the Senate Codes Committee, tonight blasted changes to the bail reform law enacted in the State Budget—calling it little more than political window dressing designed to protect politicians.    

 The budget bill debated tonight included the 2nd round of changes to the failed bail reform law making this the 3rd rendition of this disastrous statute.   These changes will do very little to protect New Yorkers from crime, fail to give judges discretion and are seemingly designed more for political cover, than improving public safety.  To be clear, this latest round of changes, or as the bill’s sponsor referred to them, clarifications, do nothing to address the skyrocketing crime rates that have wreaked havoc throughout our communities and made New Yorkers less safe.  New Yorkers overwhelmingly oppose no cash bail and Democrats should heed their concerns and join our efforts to fully repeal bail reform.  The continued disconnect of progressive lawmakers has put New York on a path of higher crime rates, additional victims and lawlessness that will continue to erode our quality of life and push more New Yorkers to leave this once safe state. Tonight’s budget vote, taken a week past the April 1st deadline, was a missed opportunity to improve public safety in New York and enact common sense reforms with the input of law enforcement, judges, District Attorney’s and other stakeholders.