Taking Action to Stop Gun Violence

Bill Signing Ceremony Announcing New Gun Violence Prevention Legislation

This mailer was sent to households throughout the district, by mail, in late July. As always, if you have questions for our office, want to express concern about an issue, or need support or resources, please feel free to reach out by email at kavanagh@nysenate.gov, or by phone at either 212-298-5565 or 718-875-1517.


That’s why Senator Brian Kavanagh has fought to give New York some of the strongest gun laws in the nation:

■ Led efforts to enact the NY SAFE Act in 2013, instituting background checks on all gun sales, restricting assault weapons, requiring safe storage to keep guns from those prohibited from having them, and enhancing school security. (S2230)

■ Wrote the 2019 “red flag” law to keep guns away from people who are a danger to themselves or to public safety; recently strengthened the law to improve implementation. (S2451)

■ Led the Senate response when the Supreme Court recently struck down part of our gun permit law, enacting new training and background check requirements, and banning guns from sensitive places and private property without the owner’s consent. (S51001)

■ Required a permit to buy a semi-automatic rifle, limited to those over 21. (S9458)

■ Authorized State Police to conduct background checks on gun and ammunition sales, replacing less thorough federal checks. (S51001)

■ Enacted new rules for gun dealers to prevent guns from being sold illegally, lost, or stolen and required micro-stamping on new guns to help solve violent crimes. (S4970A, S4116)

■ Cracked down on shooting threats against schools, places of worship, businesses, and public buildings; required social media sites to address threats of violence. (S0089B, S4511A)

■ Banned the sale of body armor, except for law enforcement, security jobs, or other positions that require it. (S9407B, S51001)

“Effective action against gun violence at the state and local level saves lives, and I’ll continue to do everything I can to protect New Yorkers by enacting the strongest possible laws and working with law enforcement and our communities to implement them. To rid our country of atrocities like the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Highland Park and the day-to-day gun violence in so many of our communities, we also must demand that the gun industry and its allies in Congress stop blocking action at the national level.”

-Senator Brian Kavanagh