Statement from Senator Daphne Jordan (R,C,I-Halfmoon) on Redistricting

The Democratic Majority’s gerrymandered maps prove the saying that ‘power corrupts – and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Their maps were the result of a corrupt process, failed to respect, and respond to, the will of New Yorkers, demonstrated political partisanship run amok, and utterly failed to fulfill the promise of truly independent redistricting that New Yorkers wanted, and voted for, twice, and rightfully deserved. These maps are a shameful attempt to try rigging the process, politically gerrymander districts, and deliberately disenfranchise voters and Communities of Interest. 

In 2014, New Yorkers overwhelmingly voted for an independent process that would keep partisan politics out of redistricting. Voters wanted a truly independent process, not one driven by closed-door, backroom political deals, or the poisonous partisanship that, sadly, has come to define Albany. Last November, New Yorkers soundly defeated a Democrat-sponsored ballot proposal that would have weakened Independent Redistricting. 

By choosing to draw their own partisan maps, Democrats deliberately chose to ignore the will of New Yorkers and countless Communities of Interest. The Majority is looking to protect its political power, not reflect or serve the will of the people. Redistricting was supposed to be independent and not driven by partisan politics. That is what voters wanted. That is what voters were promised. That is what these maps should have reflected. 

Yet, these maps do the exact opposite and flout the will of the people. The Democrats’ secret, closed-door map-making — without any public comment or review – is gerrymandering at its worst and is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I proudly stand with the people of New York in support of fair elections and in opposition to this shameful political power grab. I voted NO on the Democratic Majority’s gerrymandered, partisan maps.