Statement from Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

NYS Senate Seal

Today’s decision by the state Supreme Court is a massive victory for election integrity in our state. From the start, it was obvious that the New York City Council was acting unconstitutionally when they voted to grant more than 800,000 non-citizens the ability to vote in elections.

This pattern of behavior by One Party Rule at the City and State level continues to place their political futures above the needs and best interests of New Yorkers.

We have already seen New Yorkers and our judicial system overwhelmingly reject these self-preservation tactics by One Party Rule, whether it’s defeating their transparently political constitutional amendments at the polls last November, or ruling their hyper-partisan gerrymander unconstitutional earlier this year.

I commend Senate Deputy Leader Andrew Lanza and every Republican who signed onto this successful lawsuit. The Senate Republican Conference will always remain committed to upholding the integrity of our elections, upholding our constitution, and opposing hyper-partisan attacks on our democracy.