Statement from Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt on Reports of Possible Changes to “Bail Reform”

NYS Senate Seal

For more than two years, Senate Republicans have joined law enforcement, district attorneys and crime victims in calling out Albany’s “bail reform” and pro-criminal agenda as an unmitigated disaster. As violent crime spikes across the state, leaders in Albany have continuously ignored our pleas for reform.

Despite her initial inaction, Governor Hochul has apparently joined me and my colleagues in calling for long overdue reform. We will await details to see if these calls for change are genuine or lip-service.

Unfortunately, achieving serious changes to the “bail reform” disaster requires the reliably pro-criminal Senate and Assembly Democrats, who enacted these disastrous laws, to follow suit. Until that happens, we will continue to see more violence, more shootings, and more innocent New Yorkers being victimized.

In the meantime, my conference will not stop fighting for policies that put the needs of crime victims ahead of criminals and keep our communities safe.