Senator Gustavo Rivera on Governor Hochul's Nomination of Judge Hector LaSalle

"It is not hypothetical to say that New York’s chief judge must defend workers’ rights, bodily autonomy, voting rights, and so much else being attacked at the national level. The U.S. Supreme Court has already demonstrated that they will actively erode what we have fought so hard to secure. This is not the time to place a person at the head of our appeals court who could weaken the ability of our state to defend us from these national attacks.

It is for this reason that I oppose Governor Hochul's nomination of Hector LaSalle as the state’s next Chief Judge. Judge LaSalle's anti-choice and especially strong anti-labor views in his decisions do not align with my principles as a legislator and as a New Yorker.

I recognize that this may be a proud moment for our Latino communities to see one of us nominated to lead our State's highest court, but a candidate’s ethnicity cannot be the only qualification by which we measure his capability or commitment to guaranteeing justice for all New Yorkers.

While I remain open to dialogue with Senators, stakeholders, and New Yorkers, I cannot support this nominee at this moment.”