State Senator Gustavo Rivera on Tragedy at Kingsbridge Heights Child Care Facility

"I am horrified by the heartbreaking loss of a one-year-old child in the Kingsbridge Heights neighborhood of my district and that multiple children required Narcan administration. I am deeply saddened for the parents and families, and I cannot fathom the pain they are experiencing. No parent should live in fear that their child might come into contact with harmful substances while under the care of a childcare facility. I want to express my appreciation to the emergency responders and law enforcement for their prompt response to this tragic incident. The individuals responsible for this negligent and horrific incident must be held fully accountable.

We are witnessing a devastating rise nationally in cases where minors and young children inadvertently come into contact with opioids, leading to overdoses. We must act to protect families and rapidly implement an evidence-based comprehensive public health approach focused on providing resources to prevent tragedies like this from occurring and supporting those being affected by the opioid crisis.

My office is in touch with our city and state partners to ensure that this incident continues to be addressed thoroughly."