Senator May's Statement on Proposed Changes to the Charter Cap in State Budget

Senator Rachel May

February 3, 2023

Charter cap schools

"When I first ran for office in 2018, one of the core promises I made to voters was simple: we would fulfill our duty to ensure that every student receives the best education possible. We've taken important steps in making that promise a reality with record funding levels and investments in public schools, including my work to establish Central New York's first STEAM school and to secure funding to finally make needed upgrades at the Onondaga Nation School. Governor Hochul has been a partner in these efforts, and I thank her for those commitments.

The move to expand the number of charters or to adjust regional allotments does not serve the interests of public schools and so I cannot support it. Public schools work, and they work best when students, teachers, and communities have the resources to invest in them. Rather than cutting checks to corporate charter operators who will always prioritize their bottom line over student success, New York must continue to support its public schools."