Susan Serino

January 20, 2023


During his first term, Sen. Jake Ashby (R,C-Castleton) will serve as the Ranking Member on the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee. Ashby will also be the top Republican on the Aging Committee.
Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt also tapped Ashby to sit on the Children and Families, Developmental Disabilities, and Health committees.

“Senator Jake Ashby is a veteran of combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and served in a mission in Africa. It is this service and sacrifice to our country that makes Senator Ashby the right representative to be our Ranking Republican Member on the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs Committee. In addition, his prior leadership on the Assembly Aging Committee perfectly positions him to be our Ranking Republican Member on the Senate Aging Committee. Senator Ashby will be a true asset for our Conference on these two committees, as well as an important voice and member of the Senate Committees on Children & Families, Developmental Disabilities, and Health. I am confident Senator Ashby will continue the great work he has done to represent his constituents, and all New Yorkers, as our Conference continues to fight for a safer, stronger, and more affordable state,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt.

“The common thread of each of these committees is compassion,” said Ashby. “The veteran who shouldn’t have to battle PTSD alone. The aging parent who needs more care than their children can provide. The child with special needs who deserves a bright, fulfilling future. The single mom who works two jobs but still can’t afford health coverage for her kids. That’s who we’re fighting for. Vulnerable New Yorkers deserve better than they’ve gotten from a government that’s spent far too much and delivered far too little. We need real strategies and solutions that are actionable, cost-effective and transformative.”

These committee assignments are a seamless fit for Ashby, a combat veteran and occupational therapist who headed rehabilitation departments and operated his own practice. They position him well to deliver on some of his top priorities, including expanding access to mental health care for veterans and promoting pay equity for direct care workers who support the developmentally disabled.

“I’m ready to get to work, and I’m thankful for Leader Ortt’s confidence and trust,” said Ashby.