Possible Impacts of a Village Incorporation "CGR Report"

From Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins: 
"I commissioned the study below in response to financial concerns and questions raised around an ongoing petition promulgated by some Edgemont residents in the Town of Greenburgh who seek to incorporate Edgemont as a separate village.
The study was undertaken to show the financial and operational impacts such incorporation would have on both the residents of the Town and the proposed Village. 
The Center for Government Research (CGR), conducted the study with input from the Town and the Edgemont Incorporation Committee as well as proponents and opponents of the proposed Village. CGR, founded in 1915, is recognized as an impartial, non-profit organization specializing in government issues. Located in Rochester, NY, they are known for their analysis, research, data collection and collaboration.
It is my hope that all interested residents would read CGR's findings to understand how incorporation could affect them. It is a 60 page report, but an executive summary can be found in its first several pages. "