“Democrats Continue Soft on Crime Policies Allowing Criminals to Roam Free”

Anthony H. Palumbo

March 13, 2024

NYS Capitol
Less is More and Bail Law continues to allow criminals to be free

Long Island Senators Anthony Palumbo and Patricia Canzoneri- Fitzpatrick today blasted soft-on-crime Democrat policies including bail reform and “Less is More” that have emboldened criminals. The recent front page of the Daily News regarding “Accused NYC subway shover was in the grasp of authorities twice before horrific attack” is more proof that Albany's dangerous pro-crime laws need to be fixed.

“Because of so-called ‘reforms’ like cashless bail and Less is More, we are seeing more and more victims of crime – so much, in fact, that the Governor deployed the National Guard into the subways. Dangerous, convicted criminals have been released and given the green light to repeat their behavior and hardworking, honest New Yorkers feel vulnerable in their own neighborhoods. We need to reverse these dangerous policies and restore public safety to our streets.”