2007 Middle Class Star Rebate Program

Carl L Marcellino

General Program Information


This year's 2007 Middle Class STAR Rebate Program is based not only on your property tax burden, but also on your ability to pay, factoring in your income level.

The first step in targeting this relief for property owners who receive a basic STAR exemption on their 2007-2008 school tax bill is for homeowners to fill out a simple application that allows the State to calculate the amount of the targeted rebate. SENATOR MARCELLINO'S LEGISLATION EXTENDED THE DEADLINE  TO DECEMBER 31

Senior citizens who are property owners and receive an enhanced STAR exemption on their 2007-2008 tax bill will receive a rebate check automatically
. For seniors with enhanced STAR, no application is required.

Application Process

In the end of September the Tax Department will mail letters to Long Island Homeowners alerting homeowners who receive the basic STAR exemption of the need to apply and provide income information to receive this year’s Middle Class STAR rebate.

The Tax Department will use real property owner information obtained from local assessment rolls to make these mailings. The rebate information sent from the Tax Department will include an application for your use. However, the fastest way to receive your check is to APPLY ONLINE.  You will need information contained in the rebate material to complete your application.

Once a homeowner receives the rebate information from the Tax Department, he or she needs to:

Verify the property information provided on the materials from the Tax Department;
Enter the names, social security numbers, and all required information for all resident property owners and their spouses;
Verify the mailing address; and Submit the application.

Check Distribution

Middle Class STAR rebate checks for basic STAR recipients will be mailed upon receipt of a completed application. The quickest way to receive a rebate check will be to apply online, as these applications take less processing time. Some applications may require manual review, meaning those checks may take additional processing time.

Rebate checks for the approximately 625,000 enhanced STAR recipients will be mailed directly to the homeowner, without need to make application. This mailing will begin in July with receipt of property owner information from New York City and Yonkers, and will continue as the Tax Department obtains property owner information for the rest of the State.

Rebate Check Amounts

Determine your 2007 Middle Class STAR Rebate Amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

See Frequently Asked Questions for additional program information.