Senators Flanagan And Marcellino Secure Funding To Enhance Sewer Access In Northport

Carl L. Marcellino

September 28, 2018

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (2nd Senate District) and Senator Carl Marcellino (5th Senate District) joined with Mayor Damon McMullen and Northport Village Trustees to announce $3 million in state funding to protect the Northport environment.  The local project will provide sewer service to 140 homes and two commercial businesses in the Steers Pit and Bluff Point communities.

“It is critical that we make serious financial investments in our aging infrastructure all across Long Island.  This Northport project will safeguard our water and expand needed access to an updated sewer system.  These state funds will benefit the whole community by protecting the environment and preventing the cost of this necessary project from falling on the taxpayer,” said Senator Marcellino.

“Northport Harbor is an important part of our community and it is imperative that we all work together to ensure that it is preserved for generations to come.  Senator Marcellino has been a consistent leader in the fight to protect our local environment and I am glad to join with him to help Mayor McMullen and the Village complete this worthwhile infrastructure project,” stated Senator Flanagan.

The funding secured by the two Senators will offset the cost of connecting these shoreline communities to the Village’s Waste Water Treatment Plant, enabling the Village to fulfill its goal of better protecting the environment while also protecting the taxpayers from bearing more of the cost.

Hooking up the Steers Pit and Bluff Point communities to the sewer system will enhance the protection of the area’s environment and protect the Northport Harbor.  The funding secured by Senators Flanagan and Marcellino will help to cover the cost of installing the mainline sewer piping, manholes and also some of the restoration work.

“The Village of Northport is very appreciative of the support from Senator Flanagan and Senator Marcellino as well as Assemblyman Andrew Raia.  With these funds we will be able to expand our Waste Water System which will greatly improve the quality of the Greater Huntington Bay Complex.  Their continued support of water quality issues for all Long Islanders is an example of the kind of leadership the State of New York needs in dealing with this issue,” stated Mayor McMullen.

“This is a great example of the sort of cooperative effort that will protect the taxpayers of the Northport community while also helping preserve the natural resources that make this area special.  I applaud Senators Flanagan and Marcellino for stepping up to secure this funding, in addition to the funding I was able to secure in the State Assembly, and look forward to continuing to work with them on these important issues in the future,” added Assemblyman Raia.

The additional funding will build on the $5 million in state funding that Senators Flanagan and Marcellino secured to help the Village undertake a mandated and expensive sewer fix that was completed earlier this year.  That project replaced two deteriorating, leak-prone Depression-era sewer mains that were falling apart and had to be replaced.  That completed project is helping to reduce nitrogen levels and protect the environment in and around the sewer mains.