The Terrible Ten: Westchester County's Dirtiest Supermarkets

Jeffrey D. Klein

based on 2005 state sanitary inspection reports

Met Foods



A July 21, 2005 inspection found numerous pest violations. Approximately 3-5 live cockroaches were seen walking on the customer service counter, 5-8 live cockroaches were found on glue boards underneath the retail chips display rack, and 8-10 more were noted in food storage bags in the deli food preparation area. Live flies were also noted, with 30-40 flying around in the retail and food storage areas, and 15-30 more flying around and landing on food contact surfaces in the deli food prep area. A rat carcass was also found at the entrance of the beverage storage room in the basement.

Pak Asian Grocery


On August 8, 2005, an inspector found a dead mouse carcass on a glue board underneath the chips display rack in the retail area of the store. He also noted 5-8 mouse droppings on the dog food display shelf and 3-5 mouse droppings on the canned biscuit display shelf. Live flies were also noted flying about in the retail area. An additional 30-40 mouse droppings of various ages were found in the deli preparation area in a cabinet under the equipment wash sink.

Roland Super Food

Mount Vernon

A September 28, 2005 re-inspection found a grime-encrusted meat grinder and a variety of pest-related violations. Approximately 10-20 fresh mouse droppings were found in the equipment storage cabinets in the food preparation area. Between 20 and 30 live cockroaches were noted in a door frame of the toilet room in the food preparation area less than three feet away from food preparation tables and the walk-in meat cooler. An additional 5-10 cockroaches were seen walking along the floor and table legs at the equipment wash sink. Approximately 10-20 live flies were present in the food preparation area and were seen landing on food preparation counters, and 10-20 more were found in the toilet room where they were seen landing on soiled surfaces and in a soiled cat litter box.

Tineo Family Grocery

Mount Vernon

A July 13, 2005 inspection found five fresh mouse droppings on a retail shelf and a fresh mouse carcass on the floor of the rear storage area. Hand wash sinks in the toilet and deli prep area lacked hot water, as did the sink used to wash food contact equipment. Inspectors also found cockroach droppings on the walls in the rear of the establishment.

Valentine Deli Grocery