Sen. Gounardes Releases Report Demonstrating Southern Brooklyn’s Public Transportation Challenges

Originally published in Shorefront News

Senator Andrew Gounardes today released a southern Brooklyn transit report, a first-of-its-kind look at southern Brooklyn’s unique concerns and difficulties with public transportation. The report, drawn from a survey of southern Brooklyn commuters distributed online and at every subway and commuter bus station in the district, demonstrates the harsh realities of long and unpredictable commutes for southern Brooklynites and outlines Senator Gounardes’ strong efforts and commitment to improve public transportation in southern Brooklyn and across the City.

Key takeaways include:

  • Nearly 90% of respondents said that they are always or sometimes late to their destination.
  • 80% of respondents reported that they spend 45 minutes or more on their commute one way. Only 3.5% of respondents stated that they spend 30 minutes or less on their commute.
  • More than 90% of respondents had to transfer at least once on their commute.
  • Nearly 30% of D train riders said they are always late to their destination, more than any other line.
  • 92% of R train riders reported that they are always or sometimes late to their destination, and 45% of R train riders said that the transit improvement they most sought was more frequent service — more than any other subway line.
  • In Marine Park/Gerritsen Beach, neighborhoods with less access to the subway, 50% of the respondents had a commute of more than an hour, and half of all respondents had to transfer from the bus to the subway.
  • Analysis of the subway lines serving southern Brooklyn demonstrates consistently worse terminal on-time performance than the Citywide average.


“This report confirms what we know to be true: Southern Brooklynites deserve better public transportation. These challenges have been ongoing for decades and it’s time that our city take a stark look at what we will need to do to transform our public transportation system. Whether through long and indirect commutes or poor service, southern Brooklyn’s public transportation problems take a major toll on our neighborhoods. In addressing the many needs and issues of New York City’s transportation network, outer-borough communities must not be forgotten. As we fight to fix the MTA, it’s vital that we prioritize what riders want: more and better service for all,” said Senator Andrew Gounardes. “I’m glad to amplify the voices of commuters in my district who are crying out for change.”