State Senate to subpoena real estate agents, firms in housing probe

Yancey Roy

Originally published in Newsday

The State Senate will issue subpoenas to up to 67 real estate agents and company representatives to probe allegations of housing discrimination revealed in a recent Newsday report, lawmakers announced Thursday.

Some 68 agents and companies were requested to appear at a Senate hearing Thursday sparked by Newsday’s “Long Island Divided” series. But just one did so.

Sen. Kevin Thomas (D-Levittown), chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee, said Thursday's proceeding was just the beginning, that the Senate will soon be contacting the agencies and companies that failed to show up and that lawmakers will be pursuing legislation in Albany in 2020.

“We are committed to getting the facts, getting recommendations and acting accordingly,” Thomas said at the close of the hearing. “They will know we are deadly serious about discrimination here on Long Island, and segregation. We must end this.”

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