LOCAL NEWS Lawmakers push to amend Son of Sam laws after Heuermann's estranged wife reportedly paid seven figures by Peacock documentary

Carolyn Gusoff

Originally published in CBS News New York on .

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- Outrage over the money that's being paid to accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann's estranged wife Asa Ellerup is prompting a potential new law.

Two new bills aim to amend New York's Son of Sam law to prevent family members of defendants from profiting off crimes.

Christmas decor hangs from the Heuermann house, but there's no sign of the film crew that followed Ellerup to her estranged husband's latest court appearance.

Ellerup is reportedly getting paid seven figures by a Peacock TV docuseries, a deal that prompted outrage.

Shannan Gilbert's sister said she was disappointed, disgusted and flabbergasted. Outrage spread to Albany.

"The amount of money that's being thrown here while victims' families get nothing is just horrible. They're just exploiting their pain for profit," said Sen. Kevin Thomas, of Garden City.

Thomas said his bill closes a loophole in the Son of Sam law. The same bill is in the Assembly. 

The decades-old Son of Sam law blocks criminals, like killer David Berkowitz, from profiting off their crimes. The law was ruled unconstitutional and amended. Victims are now notified of movie and book deals so they can sue for the profits. 

The new bills would expand the law to include defendants' relatives, a move applauded by attorney John Ray, who represents victims' families.

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