Shelley Mayer to begin fresh look at how New York state funds education [LoHud]

Shelley B. Mayer

Originally published in LoHud.

Only eight months after becoming chair of the state Senate Education Committee, Sen. Shelley Mayer is set to go after one of the biggest fish in Albany: The state's convoluted system for funding education. 

Mayer will soon announce a series of roundtables around the state, plus a public hearing in New York City, that will give experts, parents and others a forum to highlight problems with the state's much-critiqued "foundation aid" formula. The formula is routinely criticized for being out-of-date and manipulated, but is used as the basis for distributing $18.4 billion in foundation aid to school districts, about 70% of total state spending on education.


"It's going to take grit and determination to build consensus, but I'm not in this to do nothing," the Yonkers resident said. "I'm in it to make a change to provide what kids deserve. Our [Senate Democratic] conference is not going to do business as usual."