Lawmakers reach agreement on Wyandanch, Hempstead school monitors

Joie Tyrrell

Originally published in Newsday

An agreement has been reached in an effort to appoint state monitors to oversee the Hempstead and Wyandanch school districts, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's office said Friday.

The governor’s office said the amended bills could be considered as soon as next week, and state Sen. Kevin Thomas (D-Levittown) added they could be enacted by the end of the month. The state Education Department then would appoint monitors and set their salaries, which would be paid from school district budgets.

Officials with the governor’s office said they expect the state Education Department to act fast in appointing monitors. The compromise legislation also provides transparency, with public hearings required in each district, they said.

“This ensures that the children who are growing up in this district [Hempstead] now have a future," Thomas said Friday. "The governor had an opportunity to shed light on this school district, and he took that opportunity.”

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