Legislature votes to expand tax exemptions

Mallory Wilson

Originally published in LI Herald

After a vote in the County Legislature, Nassau seniors and disabled people who earn up to $58,400 can expect to be exempt from at least 5 percent of their property tax assessments. Those who earn less, a maximum of $50,000 annually, can anticipate being 50 percent exempt.

The unanimous vote, on Sept. 7, raised the income cap from $34,000 to $58,400 for the lowest percentage of exemption, and from $20,000 to $50,000 for the 50 percent exemption.

At a news conference on Sept. 7, the Legislature’s minority leader, Democrat Kevan Abrahams, urged his Republican colleagues to expand the income caps, saying that the legislation was more important than ever, with people still struggling and still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. “Nassau County is one of the highest-taxing counties in the nation,” Abrahams said. “And we thought this would be the perfect time to be able to provide relief.”

Both Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature voted for the new income eligibility, Democratic Sen. Kevin Thomas said at the news conference. “This is something that both sides agree on,” he said. “Failing to adopt these measures in Nassau County will leave vulnerable residents without the crucial relief they are entitled to and deserve.”

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